• Dr Peter Detchon and Jenny and bee Hives
  • Jar of Honey and honeycomb
  • Honey being used in skincare
  • Healthy woman and man running
  • Dr Peter Detchon and Jenny and bee Hives
Peter Detchon and Jenny

8 Reasons why Karibee honey is so good?

  • 100% Pure honey from Western Australia Forests
  • WA’s unique flora allow bees to create honey with high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity
  • Our bees are pest and mite free due to Western Australia’s strict Biosecurity laws
  • We do not use antibiotics
  • High Pressure Processing reduces bacteria
  • Free of agricultural pesticides and industrial pollution
  • No chemicals are used in the management of our beehives
  • The Jarrah honey is known internationally for it’s very high Total Activity ratings.

Our delicious raw Honey comes in 3 varieties - Jarrah, Eucalyptus & Multiflora

All of Karibee active honeys are independently tested and verified for activity by an independent laboratory in accordance to world standard testing methods.
TA = The antimicrobial quality is measured by the term of ‘Total Activity’ (TA).

three Karibee Honey Jars
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